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Addressing the emotional toll of divorce

Sometimes, married couples determine that it is time to end their marriage for an array of reasons. From infidelity to incompatibility, divorce happens for all sorts of reasons in Rochester, and across Michigan. At Bebout, Potere, Cox & Bennion, P.C., our law firm is very aware of the different emotional issues that can arise over the course of the divorce process and afterward.

Often, people splitting up with their spouse may experience a great deal of stress, causing them to lose sleep. Moreover, those divorcing their spouse may also face depression or even anger. However, it is important to try to maintain your emotions if you are going through a divorce, especially in the courtroom. Moreover, if you have children, you should try to prevent any emotional hurdles you are struggling with from affecting them.

A prenup is all about good communication and planning

Some people think prenuptial agreements are only good for the wealthy. Others think they take the romance out of marriage. However, agreements of this kind are not based solely on income and assets.

Prenups have more to do with open discussion and planning for the future. There are many good reasons for a couple to think about having a prenuptial agreement. Here are five of the most common considerations:

How can I lessen the emotional toll of divorce?

If you have talked about the prospect of divorce with your spouse, are already in the middle of the divorce process, or have recently split up with your marital partner, you may be going through different challenges. In Rochester, and cities across all of Michigan, couples in this position may struggle due to custody issues, child support, the distribution of property, and many other matters. Furthermore, family law issues can generate strong emotions, such as anger or depression and significant stress. However, there may be various ways for you to reduce the emotional toll of divorce.

According to material published by the Workforce Management Office, there are a number of strategies that may be helpful for those struggling with emotions after a divorce. For example, you may want to avoid drinking alcohol, since it could leave you more depressed, and eat healthy. Exercise is a great way to deal with stress and it may also improve your mood. If possible, you may want to try to stay upbeat and humorous. Furthermore, you should try to avoid becoming isolated and could benefit from participating in a support group or talking to friends.

Your out-of-state move will affect your divorce agreement

When you were first divorced, you and your ex-spouse may have done well adhering to the terms of your divorce agreement. However, things change in life and it is not uncommon for couples to revisit the decree in light of issues that develop after signing the agreement.

Courts are quite careful in reviewing requests for changes, especially those that affect children, such as your need to move out of Michigan. An attorney experienced with family law can help you with the modification to your original divorce agreement.

Going over the consequences of unpaid child support

For those who are considering divorce or have found themselves in the middle of the process, there are often a myriad of topics to consider. For example, couples in Rochester and other parts of Michigan may disagree about the distribution of marital property. However, divorce is often more complex for those who have children. In addition to custody disputes, some may face challenges related to child support. Moreover, it is vital to understand how unpaid child support can have consequences for all parties.

According to material published by the Administration for Children and Families, unpaid child support can have consequences for everyone involved. For custodial parents and children, missed payments can make life difficult in diverse ways and irregular payments can interrupt life and generate a considerable amount of stress. Furthermore, non-custodial parents who miss their payments may face a variety of penalties, such as having their tax refunds intercepted, their bank accounts frozen or their passports denied.

Working through a will contest

When it comes to estate matters, there are an array of hurdles that can arise. Sometimes, people run into problems during the estate planning process, while families may face difficulties after a loved one has passed away. In Rochester, and in cities across all of Michigan, beneficiaries and executors may face challenge due to a will contest. At Bebout, Potere, Cox & Bennion, P.C., we understand how essential it is for you to work through a will contest appropriately, regardless of the unique details of your circumstances.

Sometimes, you may find yourself dealing with false accusations that you failed to abide by your fiduciary duties. For example, beneficiaries may claim that you did not distribute the assets of a will correctly. Or, perhaps you are a beneficiary and believe that you were not given assets which you deserved. For people on both sides of these issues, a number of questions may arise and the entire experience can feel overwhelming.

How to help your children turn the page after your divorce

Divorce is a major life event that can be very disruptive to children in Michigan. One of the questions we often hear at Bebout, Potere, Cox & Bennion, P.C., concerns how newly separated couples can help their kids to move past their issues so they can experience an easier transition to their new lives.

Divorce is a form of trauma to kids. Your children have all sorts of emotions going through their minds like anxiety, grief and loss that can make it hard for them to function normally. Some kids keep their feelings bottled up inside which can cause them to act out and hurt others because they are distressed. 

What documents should you show your divorce attorney?

Although a divorce may involve heated emotions, it is still possible to prepare for your first meeting with your divorce attorney. Today’s post provides some practical ways for taking a proactive approach to your divorce.

Timing is important, even in divorce

How do you divide military retirement pay in a divorce?

The need for information about issues unique to military divorce is underscored by the presence of various bases throughout the state, such as Selfridge Air Force Base, Camp Grayling, Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Fort Custer Training Center, the Michigan National Guard Armory, and others. Accordingly, today's post explores the patchwork of federal and state laws that divorcing military couples in Michigan must navigate.

Military divorce is a combination of federal and state laws

Are millennials too young to think about estate planning?

When you are young, healthy and single, preparing an estate plan is not something that comes to mind as easily, say, as preparing for your next vacation. Like many millennials, you are probably focused on your career and on new and engaging experiences. In short, you feel that putting an estate plan together will not be necessary for decades.

However, things change. You buy your first house, get married and have a child. You are only 29, but suddenly you begin thinking that you should at least have a will.

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