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October 2016 Archives

Learning from those who have divorced before

Virtually everyone who has negotiated divorce has been offered unsolicited advice at some point. Sometimes this advice proves to be valuable, while at other times it can be frustrating, unwelcome and even degrading. However, it is an undeniable truth that the experiences of individuals who have weathered the divorce process can potentially help those who are facing that challenge now.

Equitable factors guide child support, alimony calculations

A divorce involving minor children requires attention to several details. Courts in Michigan strive to divide assets and assign support obligations in a way that is fair. Notably, equitable distribution does not mean an exact 50-50- split of assets. In the same way, courts are governed by the principle of fairness when calculating child support and alimony obligations.

Parenting your child mindfully during and post-divorce

The concept of mindfulness has recently become a mainstream popular culture reference. Authors, television characters and even musicians speak frequently about mindfulness in regards to eating, exercising, everyday living and love. Some of these references to mindfulness are more helpful than others. But overall, it never hurts to commit to being more mindful.

Meeting with a family law attorney for the first time

Whether your divorce or child custody case promises to be amicable or contentious, it is important to seek the services of an attorney you can trust. In order to better ensure that you find an attorney who will best "fit" your vision for your case, it is generally a good idea to meet with prospective candidates for an initial consultation before hiring any of those candidates outright.

Tending to your child's self esteem during and after divorce

If you and your spouse have recently concluded that divorce is the healthiest option for your family, you are both likely concerned about what this transition will mean for your children. Certainly, numerous studies have concluded that divorce is often better for children than continuing to expose them to unhealthy married life. However, it is both reasonable and prudent to expect that your children will have some challenging growing pains while adjusting to your divorce.

Does a divorce filing preclude the option of mediation?

The recent celebrity divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie raises the important issue of divorce mediation. Jolie officially filed for divorce in court, but that doesn’t mean that the couple’s only option is litigation. To the contrary, many courts are more than willing to set aside a period of time for mediation, as the process eases the burden of the court’s voluminous docket.

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