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December 2017 Archives

What can you do if you lose all custody of your child?

There are few feelings more heartbreaking than fighting for custody of your child in Michigan courts and losing. Rather than face the prospect of never being part of your child's growth and development, do you have options to fight and possibly overturn a judgment denying you custody or visitation rights?

Conversations about divorce during the holidays

You might have recently attended a family celebration during Thanksgiving, or you could be planning on seeing your loved ones during Christmas in a matter of weeks. During the holidays, various stressors can arise and you may have a number of topics to discuss with those in your family. However, this can be particularly true for those who are in the middle of separating from their spouse or have already divorced. For example, your relatives might ask you why your spouse is not present or question you about rumors they have heard.

Child custody and the holidays

For many families, Thanksgiving and Christmas are joyous times when everyone gets together to celebrate family and friends. For divorced couples in Michigan, however, the holidays can be a time of stress and conflict. Dividing up custody time can be hard to decide, but planning ahead can make things go much more smoothly for the children.

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