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February 2018 Archives

What happens if your ex-spouse fails to pay child support?

Divorce can often mean a frightening new beginning for both you and your children. Even more frightening can be the looming financial instability when you're settling in a new Michigan home and restructuring your life. Of course child support payments from your former spouse are meant to help, but what happens if your spouse fails to pay your court-ordered child support agreements?

Can you set up a trust for your pet?

While you have taken provisions to plan for the future by establishing a living will or trust, you may have questions concerning your furry friends if your pets happen to survive you. It is entirely natural to wish to see to your beloved pet's care, and to ensure legal provisions exist to mandate that a portion of your estate be set aside to care for your animal companion as you see fit. But are you able to establish a trust under Michigan law to ensure adequate funding for your pet's well-being?

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