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Dads are getting more of a fair shake regarding custody

In the past, divorced dads in Michigan would often get the short end of the stick when it came to spending time with their children. Typically the courts would judge in favor of the mom for primary custody and the father would get every other weekend or only a few days a month. In the past years, however, there has been a change in how custody decisions are made, and there are more cases of equal sharing.

According to USA Today, courts are realizing the emotional and physical benefits to kids when fathers play more of a hands-on role. Fathers are also speaking out more and requesting to be involved in their children's lives. As a result, more fathers are being granted joint, or shared, custody. Even this is becoming more of a trend, there are still factors that the court weighs when making this decision. These include if either parent is involved with the child's school life, who typically takes the child to doctor's appointments and if the parent volunteers in the child's activities. 

The Washington Post says that although more and more states are considering laws that support joint parenting, there are some concerns among certain groups. There is a fear that these laws may take away protections in regards to a controlling or abusive relationship. Some states may even decide to forgo child support payments, making it more challenging for the parent who makes less money. Many states are leaning towards a presumption of shared custody unless there is evidence of abuse or neglect. 




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