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Hasty decisions could impact property division in divorce

Divorces can be challenging and bring all sorts of emotions to the surface.

While you can barely think about anything except just getting it over with, you must make wise decisions because your future happiness and financial security could count on it. Here are three common mistakes to avoid.

Letting Anger Control You

You may be feeling anger and other strong emotions in connection to your divorce. However, it can be very important to not let anger drive one's decisions when it comes to property division, but rather to stay focused on doing what's best for one's future. Anger-motivated decisions regarding property division could potentially comprise one's best interests.

Forgetting about taxes

You might agree to an alimony amount that, on the surface, fits in with the budget you have in mind. However, have you considered how much you will have left after taking out taxes? Remember, too, that there will generally be tax consequences associated with the assets you receive in the divorce settlement.

Listening to well-meaning friends

You may have friends who have gone through a divorce, and some will relate stories about how well they made out financially. Others not so lucky will have woeful tales to tell. An experienced family law attorney will tell you that every divorce situation is unique. Rather than taking advice from friends on this front, it is better to turn to experienced guidance when it comes to divorce matters, such as the guidance of an experienced lawyer. The wrong advice, no matter how well-meaning, could lead a person down the wrong path. 

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