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The importance of the child's needs in custody cases

Parents in Michigan who are going through a divorce have a big responsibility in deciding the best arrangement for child custody. The decision becomes a lot easier if the parents put aside their differences and focus on what the child needs and what situation would best suit him or her. 

According to Psychology Today, parents make a mistake when they put down the other spouse and point out their flaws. They should be focusing, instead, on the child's physical and emotional needs. Experts recommend that parents focus on working together and communicating in a healthy way so they can have a proactive approach as opposed to a reactive one. 

According to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, parents should consider five principles when making custody decisions. They include:

  • Understanding the child is the vulnerable party and the central concern needs to be his or her best interests
  • Providing a long-term, stable living situation as quickly as possible is paramount
  • Considering all of the child's relationships of attachment, including grandparents or stepparents
  • Determining the ability of a parent to provide shelter, food, education, safety and medical care
  • Respecting the autonomy of family to reduce psychological harm to the child

Parents who do not consider these principles risk the chance their child will suffer from attachment disorder. When a child experiences a stable and loving environment, and they maintain close ties to each parent, the child is much more apt to be curious, friendly, better at communicating and able to grow up and be successful at work and in marriage.




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