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June 2018 Archives

The consequences of false domestic violence accusations

When it comes to domestic violence, there are many issues to consider. For example, these cases can be incredibly difficult for victims who have been subjected to abuse, but they can also present challenges for those facing charges--even if they are innocent. When someone faces false accusations of this offense, they should understand what is at stake, especially if they are involved in a dispute regarding the custody of a child, for example. Moreover, they should take steps to bring out the truth in court.

Reviewing your estate plan following an auto wreck

There are many reasons why people decide to look over their estate plan, whether they split up with their marital partner or simply have a change of heart. However, some people need to revise their estate plan following a car crash that has brought major changes into their lives, both physically and financially as well. Motor vehicle collisions can disrupt a person's life in many different ways and it is essential for those who are struggling with the consequences of a wreck to do all they can to recover, which may include ensuring that their estate will be distributed properly.

3 crucial tips for the divorce process

Divorce is such a tough and exhausting process, especially when you compare it to the beginning of your marriage. It is inevitable for you to go through a lot of intense emotions throughout your divorce. While your tempers may be running high, it is crucial to realize that the actions you take now will influence your emotions, finances and family for many years. 

Family law issues and stress reduction

For those who are dealing with family law matters, high levels of stress may be a daily challenge. Whether someone is involved in a dispute regarding the custody of their children, is having difficulty paying the child support they owe or cannot sleep because they are worried about how marital property will be divided by the court, there are many different family law matters that can generate stress. However, it is vital to reduce stress for a number of reasons.

The emotional impact of a dispute over custody

A child custody decision can have a major impact on the lives of both parents and their kids. During a dispute, tensions may arise and some people have to work through particularly challenging disagreements. It is important to do what you can to resolve the dispute amicably, but some custody disputes are going to be bitter regardless. Unfortunately, these disputes can have a strong emotional impact on those involved, so it is vital for you to do what you can to address these emotions if you are feeling depressed or angry.

Talking with your child about the end of marriage

There may be a number of difficult topics you have to discuss with your child, from issues related to their performance in school to dangers that may be present in the neighborhood. However, divorce can be a particularly tricky topic to go over with children. That said, ending your marriage can have a significant impact on your child's life in all sorts of ways, so it is crucial to do what you can to secure their best interests as you move forward with the process of divorce.

What are the benefits of a credit shelter trust?

One of the many decisions people in Michigan need to make when thinking about protecting assets and passing them to heirs is what type of trust they should open. There is a variety of options available including revocable, irrevocable, life insurance and generation-skipping trusts. Another type that some may want to consider is the credit shelter trust. While not for everyone, it does have some benefits that may be a selling factor.

What is the Birthday Rule?

After you have divorced and settled joint custody of your children, you may not even stop to think about whose benefits account for your children's medical, dental and vision benefits under Michigan law. When only one parent has custody it can be simple to determine coverage, but for minor children whose divorced parents have joint custody the matter can be more complicated. This is where the Birthday Rule comes in - but what is the Birthday Rule?

How to deal with summer vacations and child custody

Summer can be a magical time for children in Michigan, with time off to hang out at the lakes with friends or eat ice cream in the middle of the day. However, for children of divorce the season can be more stressful, especially if the parents are fighting over custody time. Ideally, summer break and other vacations should be decided on when making the original custody agreement, but there are some tips parents can follow if they did not plan for breaks.

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