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September 2018 Archives

Back child support and tax refund interception

Missing child support payments can lead to a host of consequences, such as an inability to obtain a passport, which we recently wrote about on this blog. However, the financial ramifications that may come with unpaid child support can be significant and parents may not only face steep fines, but they may have their tax refund intercepted also. Losing part of all of a tax refund can have a negative impact on your life in a variety of ways, completely derailing important plans you may have. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with Michigan law and try to ensure that you stay current.

Maintaining privacy during divorce

Those wishing to end their marriage may have a number of concerns on their mind. Some may be confused about certain aspects of the divorce process, or what their future may hold with respect to child custody, financial issues, etc. However, some people may be worried about privacy issues during their divorce and they may want to keep certain aspects of their divorce from the public. If you are worried about privacy, it is important to know which options you have and look for ways to maintain your privacy.

Considerations for choosing an executor

Making a will is an excellent step towards thinking about the future and ensuring your property passes to friends and loved ones according to your wishes. Another important step in this process is appointing an executor who will be able to oversee probate and handle any issues that arise.

Eliminating the stigma surrounding divorce

Some people may think that divorce no longer has a stigma and that society has accepted a couple's decision to bring their marriage to an end. While this may be true in many circles, there are still times when a divorce is viewed harshly. For example, a couple may be judged for their decision to divorce by friends, relatives, people at work or even their children. Moreover, people may feel disgraced when their marriage does not work out, but these feelings should not be part of the picture.

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