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October 2018 Archives

Filing for divorce over your spouse's accusations

People end their marriages for all sorts of reasons, but some divorces are the result of one person growing tired of their spouse's constant accusations. Moreover, some people may end their marriage over a one-off incident, such as false allegations involving domestic violence and someone getting a restraining order. Moreover, these accusations could even have an impact on the outcome of a divorce case.

Property division and family pets

Ending a marriage can present all sorts of challenges, but some (such as custody disputes) can be especially emotional. Property distribution can also be incredibly emotional and for many pet owners, pets such as cats and dogs are not just property but part of the family. Emotions can run high when it comes down to deciding who will be able to keep a family pet after divorce, and an unsuccessful push for keeping a beloved pet can be incredibly overwhelming.

Identifying the best time to file for divorce

When someone thinks about filing for a divorce, they may have various questions. For example, they could wonder how their kids will be affected and what the financial consequences of divorce may be. These are important considerations and can also factor into the best time for someone to split up with their spouse. If you are thinking about a divorce, it is pivotal to be mindful of how the time of year in which you approach the divorce process could impact your case.

Divorce, custody and your estate plan

There are many different legal issues which may arise in the wake of a divorce, from calculating child support payments to the division of marital property. However, those involving children, such as a custody dispute, can be very hard. Moreover, there are other ways in which the parents of minors should protect the best interests of their child. For example, this may include making revisions to an estate plan.

How can I prevent conflict between my heirs?

Estate planning can be a complex procedure. Even if you make all the right decisions regarding your assets and property, there might still be conflicts between your heirs. Not only can this greatly draw out the process, it may end up incurring your estate even more money. While you can't always prevent conflicts from occurring, Kiplinger offers the following advice to help mitigate issues between heirs.

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