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Property division and family pets

Ending a marriage can present all sorts of challenges, but some (such as custody disputes) can be especially emotional. Property distribution can also be incredibly emotional and for many pet owners, pets such as cats and dogs are not just property but part of the family. Emotions can run high when it comes down to deciding who will be able to keep a family pet after divorce, and an unsuccessful push for keeping a beloved pet can be incredibly overwhelming.

When it comes to property distribution and family pets, this situation can bring up feelings that are identical to some of the hardships that parents face during a dispute over child custody. It is vital to know how courts decide to distribute marital property and look over some of the considerations that may factor into who will be able to keep your dog(s) or cat(s).

Sometimes, it can help to talk this over with your spouse. For example, a spouse may agree that their partner would be able to take better care of the family pets and that giving up control of the pets would be in their best interests. However, many couples are in the middle of contentious divorces and healthy communication is not possible. Moreover, some couples disagree on who should be able to keep the family pets.

Property division can be a complicated, stressful aspect of divorce. However, those who thoroughly go over laws related to the distribution of marital property may be able to better prepare themselves for future challenges.

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