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November 2018 Archives

Attending a holiday party with your ex

During the holiday season, people face many stressors, including dealing with others who they would rather avoid. Some people have it especially tough during this time of year, such as people who run into their ex at a celebration (or even attend the celebration with someone even though they have already broken up). There are various other reasons why this can happen. For example, a married couple may work for the same employer and see each other at an office party during the holidays. If you are facing this situation during the holidays and expect to run into your spouse, it is important to be prepared.

When you are on the fence about divorce

People can have a tough time moving on from a marriage for many reasons. Whether they have decades of memories with someone with whom they have been in a relationship, or they have concerns about how this decision will affect kids, many people find themselves on the fence when it comes to divorce. If you are unsure whether this is the right move, you should carefully evaluate the ins and outs of this process and think about some of the different ways that it could affect your life.

What disciplinary mistakes should I avoid after a divorce?

Disciplinary issues can be tough for Michigan parents in general. After a divorce, they're sure to become even more complex, especially when you and your ex can't see eye to eye on common child-rearing issues. In this case, the following tips from can help you parent your kids in a loving and effective manner.

When political differences lead to divorce

Across the country, voters recently took to the polls and voiced their opinions on a number of issues, from who they want to replace their current governor to whether or not marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes. People often feel strongly about political issues and voting is an integral part of this nation. However, these strong feelings may lead to fighting within families, including arguments between spouses. During election season, these differences may be even more pronounced, and they may even result in fights where one spouse crosses the line (such as physical abuse, for example).

How can I choose the best trustee for my estate?

If you're currently creating an estate plan in Michigan, you may be considering adding a trust. While this is a very helpful estate planning tool, you'll need to choose a trustee that is capable of performing all necessary tasks, some of which may be complex. AARP offers the following advice to people who are in search of the right person to oversee their trust.

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