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What disciplinary mistakes should I avoid after a divorce?

Disciplinary issues can be tough for Michigan parents in general. After a divorce, they're sure to become even more complex, especially when you and your ex can't see eye to eye on common child-rearing issues. In this case, the following tips from can help you parent your kids in a loving and effective manner.

Don't strive to be the favorite

It's natural that you want to curry favor with your kids after a divorce. After all, you may be feeling down about the end of your marriage, and in this case, many people find solace in their relationship with their children. However, if you change rules in an attempt to be your kids' favorite parent, you're only going to hurt them in the long run. This will result in behavioral problems while affecting their relationship with your ex. 

Don't criticize your ex

You may not agree with your ex's parenting technique. However, this issue should be addressed with your former spouse only. Constantly criticizing your ex will put your children in the middle while also make them feel bad about themselves. Many kids look at their parents as an extension of themselves and speaking critically to them could affect them emotionally.

Don't treat your child as a victim

In the same token, don't take it easy on your kids because of the divorce. While it's normal for kids to experience a wide range of emotions after their parents separate, that doesn't mean behavior issues should be overlooked. If you believe your child is having emotional issues, be sure to visit a counselor or therapist for professional help.

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