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When political differences lead to divorce

Across the country, voters recently took to the polls and voiced their opinions on a number of issues, from who they want to replace their current governor to whether or not marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes. People often feel strongly about political issues and voting is an integral part of this nation. However, these strong feelings may lead to fighting within families, including arguments between spouses. During election season, these differences may be even more pronounced, and they may even result in fights where one spouse crosses the line (such as physical abuse, for example).

Even when fights never reach that unfortunate level, they can cause a couple to drift apart over the course of months or years. Sometimes, these political differences even prompt a couple to end their marriage. For example, one spouse may be a Republican and the other a Democrat, both with intense feelings about political matters. When one party is victorious in an election, the wide range of emotions within a household can make things very tense in a couple's relationship.

People are often able to set aside their political differences and respectfully disagree with their spouse's political opinions. However, this is not always the case and some may be unable to move forward in a marriage. Whether you want to split up with your spouse due to their political views or your marital partner is preparing to bring the marriage to an end, it is essential to prepare yourself for what may lie ahead in court.

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