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Divorcing from a workaholic

A marriage may be brought to an end for any number of reasons, some of which are completely unexpected (an affair, a domestic violence incident and so on). In other instances, a couple may have been able to see their marriage crumbling over a period of many years and divorce may not come as a surprise. For example, some people are unhappy in their marriage because their spouse is a workaholic and they do not want to live with their partner any longer. For some, counseling may be able to help a couple patch things together, while other marriages cannot be salvaged.

If your spouse has a tendency to work too long on a regular basis, you may feel ignored or alone. It may seem like your partner places his or her job above you and you might be determined to bring the marriage to an end. If you are experiencing these challenges, it is essential to carefully begin the process of divorce. You should try to be understanding and think about how this decision could not only affect your life but the lives of your kids (if you are a parent) and your spouse as well.

As with any divorce, the way in which you approach theĀ divorce process could not only impact your experience in court but your life afterward. You could have different options in front of you (such as mediation or litigation) and making the right choices could have a significant impact on your future, not only financially but emotionally too.

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