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High-asset divorce and unwanted attention

We have covered various facets of the divorce process, but some people have a particularly hard time when they end their marriage. For example, a couple with children may find that their divorce is stressful due to child support or custody matters. Moreover, someone with a lot of assets may have a difficult time due to property division. Furthermore, some high-asset divorces involve celebrities and politicians, which can also create stress due to the widespread attention that a couple receives (including negative and unwanted attention).

If you are struggling with unwanted attention firsthand, it is important to try to block out the negativity and do your best to focus on your divorce case. We understand how distracting all of this attention can be, whether you read a negative article that misconstrues certain aspects of your divorce or you hear a television host say something unfavorable about your decisions. However, this should not get in the way of your divorce case. Moreover, there may be certain steps you can take to give yourself more privacy, especially if you have not filed for a divorce yet.

Unwanted attention can make things challenging, but you should not give up on your desire to divorce solely because you worry about how others will react. Anyone who goes through a divorce may encounter negative attention, such as a parent or family member who disapproves of the decision to end the marriage. Ultimately, people should do what is best for them and their kids no matter what others think.

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