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How to avoid a bitter divorce battle

When it comes to divorce, the most common stories people seem to share are those that have to do with dramatic court battles. These long and drawn-out conflicts create trauma for the whole family, especially when there are children. 

However, not every divorce has to be one in which the couple stages a lengthy and contentious fight. There are several ways to achieve a satisfying balance and compromise for everyone, all while walking away from a divorce agreement without acrimony. 

Take the emotion out of decision-making

One of the best ways to reduce conflict in a divorce is also one of the most difficult on an emotional level. Because divorce is usually an inherently emotional issue, it can be quite hard to separate emotions from the decision-making process. However, for a successful and less contentious divorce settlement, a cool-headed and rational approach that is more emotionally detached is one that often leads to the best solutions. When you can remove your emotional leanings from the decision-making process, you are better able to consider the bigger picture for your life after the divorce is final. This naturally leads to more successful long-term outcomes.

Make a conscious effort to collaborate

Harmonious and collaborative divorces do not happen by accident. It takes a conscious effort on everyone's part to come to a satisfying divorce settlement that avoids the courtroom and preserves important family relationships. One of the primary ways you can set yourself up for a more collaborative divorce process is choosing a family law attorney whose perspective and approach is in line with yours. Some divorce attorneys are intent on taking their clients to trial and fighting in court. Others are more interested in helping a couple come to shared agreements that are in the best interest of the children and the couple. If you make the right choice in your family law attorney, the rest of the process can come together in a natural and collaborative way.

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