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January 2019 Archives

Filing for divorce without an attorney

Divorce can be challenging for many reasons, and some people are stressed out about the divorce process because they do not want to get an attorney involved. There are different reasons why people may feel this way, whether they do not trust lawyers, or they are worried that they cannot afford to work with a legal professional during their divorce. While it is possible to move forward without an attorney in some instances, this can be a terrible mistake in some divorces, especially if there are divorce issues such as disagreement over custody or child support.

Divorce and jealousy

Ending a marriage can give rise to all sorts of negative feelings, such as stress or even anger, depending on the outcome of a couple's divorce. Some people may also experience strong feelings of jealousy both before, and after they divorce their spouse. For example, someone may be jealous of their former partner's ability to secure custody or have access to certain types of marital property. Or, someone may be jealous of their spouse prior to the divorce due to an affair, their partner's success or some other matter.

Living trusts and avoiding probate

When it comes to creating an effective estate plan, there are many important strategies to keep in mind. First, it is absolutely essential for you to find the type of estate plan that will suit the needs of your estate and those you love best. Some people find that a will is in their best interests, while others make the decision to create a trust. There are many different types of trusts to choose from and trusts can offer a variety of advantages. For example, if you set up a revocable living trust your estate can avoid the probate process altogether.

Going on vacation after your divorce

The process of bringing marriage to an end can be difficult, in some instances, or relatively straightforward and uncomplicated. Ending a marriage can cause some people to feel very stressed out and those who feel like this after a divorce may look for ways to relieve some of their anxiety. For some people, this could mean going on a vacation, while others may pick up a new hobby or devote more of their free time to friends and loved ones. If you plan on going on a trip after your divorce, this could be very beneficial, but there are a number of things you may need to take into consideration.

Custody and high-asset divorce

When it comes to family law, custody and other issues that involve kids can be particularly hard for people to deal with, especially from an emotional angle. Moreover, some people have especially hard divorces in general, such as those with a high net worth and many assets. If you are working through a high-asset divorce and you have kids, it is very important to be aware of relevant custody matters and do what you can to secure the best interests of your children. 

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