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Filing for divorce without an attorney

Divorce can be challenging for many reasons, and some people are stressed out about the divorce process because they do not want to get an attorney involved. There are different reasons why people may feel this way, whether they do not trust lawyers, or they are worried that they cannot afford to work with a legal professional during their divorce. While it is possible to move forward without an attorney in some instances, this can be a terrible mistake in some divorces, especially if there are divorce issues such as disagreement over custody or child support.

When someone decides to approach divorce, it is crucial to do so from the right perspective, with a clear understanding of all options. There are all sorts of legal matters that can arise, many of which can be very complicated for someone who does not have any experience in this regard. Unfortunately, when people make mistakes during this time, it can be very costly and may also be problematic with respect to children and other aspects of a divorce.

Even when a couple is able to agree on everything regarding their divorce, it can still be very beneficial to work with an experienced attorney who knows the ins and outs of the divorce process. For those who disagree on key divorce matters, choosing to move forward without a legal professional could make the divorce even more costly and upsetting, especially when the long-term impact of certain decisions (such as child support orders and custody decisions) are considered.

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