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February 2019 Archives

How can you offer support to a victim of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is dangerous, but an often-silent issue that affects many families in Michigan. Because you may not recognize the signs of abuse right away, you may not even know that there are victims around you. Once you learn to identify the red flags that indicate that someone you care about may be experiencing abuse, it is imperative that you jump right into action to provide support, encouragement and protection. 

How important is a will to you?

As you have recently begun considering the condition of your estate in Michigan and are assessing your requirements for planning your future, you may have considered getting a will. However, with so many components of an estate plan, is having a will that important? Understanding the value of a will may be helpful as you go forward with planning your estate. 

You know what you want; we know how to help

Finances are about more than just the numbers -- hope and vision play a large part as well. At Bebout, Potere, Cox & Bennion, P.C., we believe that everybody has an ideal situation in mind for their estate. We believe that the only way to truly understand this personal picture of success is to listen to our clients' stories, goals and wishes.

Divorce, estate planning and time management

In the wake of your divorce, you may be facing multiple challenges. For example, you could be upset over the outcome of a child custody dispute, or you may have concerns about how your financial future will be affected by your marriage coming to an end. For some people, estate planning issues may also need to be taken into consideration following their divorce. For example, some people may need to revise their estate plan to remove their former spouse as a beneficiary, or else they may be entitled to some of the assets. Or, someone may have given their ex a great deal of control over the estate.

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