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Divorce, estate planning and time management

In the wake of your divorce, you may be facing multiple challenges. For example, you could be upset over the outcome of a child custody dispute, or you may have concerns about how your financial future will be affected by your marriage coming to an end. For some people, estate planning issues may also need to be taken into consideration following their divorce. For example, some people may need to revise their estate plan to remove their former spouse as a beneficiary, or else they may be entitled to some of the assets. Or, someone may have given their ex a great deal of control over the estate.

Taking a second look at your estate plan after a difficult divorce can be stressful. All of these responsibilities and decisions can make you feel as if you do not have enough time, and some people choose to procrastinate these important tasks because they are worried about their daily schedule. As a result, it is important to focus on time management both during and after your divorce. For example, perhaps you can free up some time by eliminating certain activities (such as going to the casino or watching television for hours) temporarily.

By managing your time well, you may be able to do more research on relevant estate planning issues (and the divorce process in general, if you are preparing for divorce or going through one at the current time). When it comes to divorce and estate planning, there is much at stake and making the right decisions is pivotal.

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