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How can I know a mediator is well qualified?

People have good reasons to seek out a mediator to handle their divorce issues. In contrast to a court proceeding, contesting parties have much more control over the problem solving process and the eventual solution if one is reached. However, mediators are not as well known to the public as judges. Some Michigan residents may wonder who is a mediator is and whether a mediator can truly handle their problem. There are a number of ways that mediators can show their competence and qualifications.

As explains, many mediators are also lawyers. So if you want someone to mediate your divorce, it is possible to find someone who already has experience with the law and is equipped to answer questions and work out legal solutions with you. Still, since mediators are required to be neutral, it is wise to retain your own counsel as you work on your mediation.

Since a mediator does not require a legal background to practice mediation, some mediators will not be attorneys. However, mediators should still possess a deep level of understanding and knowledge about whatever field they wish to mediate in. For instance, a mediator who is facilitating discussions between small business partners should understand the world of small business and whatever industry the partners work in.

Additionally, good mediators do not go into a mediation without knowledge of how to actually mediate. Virtually any mediator will possess some kind of training. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that most mediators will have completed a basic mediation course up to 40 hours as well as an advanced, 20 hour training course. Mediators are trained by community colleges, local or national mediation organizations, or independent mediation programs.

Mediators can also be certified. These certifications may be offered by state courts or by professional mediation organizations. Certifications by private organizations will typically require completion of a specific interval of training and passing an exam. Some people are certified because they completed a set number of hours of mediation. So a certification can indicate the mediator possesses a strong educational background in mediation and experience in the practice.

Since mediations take many forms, you should not consider this article as legal advice. It is only written to provide general knowledge on the topic of divorce and dispute resolution.

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