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Custody dispute prompts woman to use her car as a weapon

Emotions may often run high in divorce cases in Rochester. For this reason, it may be difficult to avoid proceedings from becoming contentious, particularly when it comes to the matter of child custody. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a custody hearing, parties may take uncompromising stands, thus contributing to further strife. While they may strongly believe in the rectitude of their positions, their feelings (especially the combination of the love they feel for their children and the negative emotions harbored against their parental counterparts) may prompt them into actions that might ultimately undermine their cases. 

It may be hard to imagine the damage that rash action can cause to one's claim for custody. A North Carolina woman may soon be forced to experience this firsthand after she was involved in an altercation with her children's father. She was arrested after intentionally crashing her car into his vehicle. The former couple's children (over whom they have been engaged in a bitter custody dispute) were in his vehicle at the time. Thus, on top of facing charges of assault for using her own vehicle as a weapon, she is now also being charged with child abuse. 

Any pending criminal charges related to a custody dispute may certainly not help the chances of those that they are leveled at of earning a favorable outcome. It is for this reason why third parties involved in a divorce case encourage those seeking a dissolution of their marriage to try and resolve issues amicably. While that may certainly be easier said than done, those hoping to do it may find their attorneys to be good sources of advice and assistance in handling potentially contentious matters. 

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