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As a millennial, how close are you to making an estate plan?

If you are a member of the millennial generation, you probably have a full schedule of work, time with friends, travel and various other interests. If the idea of estate planning ever crosses your mind, you see it as something you do not need to be concerned with for years.

3 tips for helping your kids through divorce

Divorce is almost always stressful, sad and confusing for everyone involved, including children. As you and your spouse know that divorce is imminent, now is the time to make sure your kids are coping healthily. It is your job as a parent to help your kids figure out how to handle the divorce.

Your out-of-state move will affect your divorce agreement

When you were first divorced, you and your ex-spouse may have done well adhering to the terms of your divorce agreement. However, things change in life and it is not uncommon for couples to revisit the decree in light of issues that develop after signing the agreement.

Are millennials too young to think about estate planning?

When you are young, healthy and single, preparing an estate plan is not something that comes to mind as easily, say, as preparing for your next vacation. Like many millennials, you are probably focused on your career and on new and engaging experiences. In short, you feel that putting an estate plan together will not be necessary for decades.

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