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Healthy co-parenting after a divorce

Divorce is challenging for Michigan couples, but sometimes they are so focused on their own needs and grief they forget about their children's best interests. Child custody is a major decision in the divorce process, and the healthiest outcomes are those in which the parents take a co-parenting approach to keep the negative effects to a minimum.

What can you do if you lose all custody of your child?

There are few feelings more heartbreaking than fighting for custody of your child in Michigan courts and losing. Rather than face the prospect of never being part of your child's growth and development, do you have options to fight and possibly overturn a judgment denying you custody or visitation rights?

Child custody and the holidays

For many families, Thanksgiving and Christmas are joyous times when everyone gets together to celebrate family and friends. For divorced couples in Michigan, however, the holidays can be a time of stress and conflict. Dividing up custody time can be hard to decide, but planning ahead can make things go much more smoothly for the children.

Halloween, custody, and visitation

If you are a co-parent or are worried about your ability to spend time with your child after your divorce has been finalized, you may have all sorts of concerns. For example, you could be worried about how court decisions could affect your child's performance in school or the amount of child support you will be required to pay. However, it is essential to recognize the other ways that you and your child could be affected by the outcome of a custody ruling or your ability to secure visitation rights.

Custody and your child's school schedule

When a married couple determines that the time to end their marriage has come, they may go through various hurdles. Sometimes, couples struggle with the distribution of their property, while others may have a hard time with child support or spousal support payments. Our law firm knows that for those who have children, child custody can be particularly worrisome. For example, you may be stressed out about a custody agreement and your child's school schedule.

Understanding child custody in Michigan

Divorce cases that involve children in Michigan entail determining who gets custody of the children. This involves figuring out how much time the child spends with each parent and what responsibilities each party has in the child's upbringing. In ideal circumstances, the parents are able to discuss and agree upon an arrangement that is in the best interest of the child. When this is challenging, the courts get involved with the process of determining an agreement.

The importance of communication during a custody dispute

If you are going through a child custody dispute, there could be many different challenges you are facing. For example, you could be stressed out as a result of court, or you could worry that you will lose your ability to participate in your child's life as much as you want to. Moreover, your child could be experiencing emotional problems or struggling as a result of the dispute, which underlines how vital it is to communicate during this time. Our law firm knows how important communication is for many families in Rochester and all over the state of Michigan, especially when a custody dispute arises.

How do courts determine a child’s best interests?

If you are working through a divorce in Michigan, you may be facing all sorts of stress-inducing hurdles. For example, you could have anxiety over child support or the manner in which your marital property will be split up. However, disputes and uncertainty over the custody of children can be particularly emotional and it is vital to work towards an end result that serves your child’s best interests. So, how do courts decide what is in the best interests of children, anyway?

If you are denied holiday weekend parenting time, read this post

With the Memorial Day holiday coming soon, it is very common for people to take advantage of the long weekend and plan family trips and barbeques. For divorced or separated parents, they may not get to spend the weekend with their children because of their parenting time decree. (Either the alternating weekend does not coincide with the holiday, or things don’t work out because of an alternating holiday schedule.

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