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How do courts determine a child’s best interests?

If you are working through a divorce in Michigan, you may be facing all sorts of stress-inducing hurdles. For example, you could have anxiety over child support or the manner in which your marital property will be split up. However, disputes and uncertainty over the custody of children can be particularly emotional and it is vital to work towards an end result that serves your child’s best interests. So, how do courts decide what is in the best interests of children, anyway?

If you are denied holiday weekend parenting time, read this post

With the Memorial Day holiday coming soon, it is very common for people to take advantage of the long weekend and plan family trips and barbeques. For divorced or separated parents, they may not get to spend the weekend with their children because of their parenting time decree. (Either the alternating weekend does not coincide with the holiday, or things don’t work out because of an alternating holiday schedule.

Preventing or Mitigating Summer Custody Disputes

Traditionally, school break periods tend to inspire tension between co-parents. Sometimes this tension arises due to unexpected events, sometimes due to unintended thoughtlessness and sometimes due to intentional thoughtlessness. Growing frustration between co-parents during major school break periods is understandable but rarely welcome.

How important is a child's preferences in custody determinations?

In our last post, we examined the controversial actions of a Michigan judge who wanted to offer each party an opportunity to present their child custody proposals. In that case, the three minor children apparently favored legal and physical custody with their mother. But when the children refused to even meet with their father, the court sent them to juvenile detention.

Could a child custody dispute put you in contempt of court?

Family law courts in Michigan generally endeavor to be impartial when presiding over child custody disputes. Gone are the days when a mother was afforded a presumption of sole legal and/or physical custody. Yet one local judge may have gone too far in her attempts to be neutral to both parties in a contentious divorce. The judge is now facing a 30-day suspension, which would be handed down by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Must all child custody agreements be created by a judge?

If you are a parent about to go through a divorce, the wellbeing of your children is likely your biggest source of stress and worry. Not only can divorce be hard on children; there is also the fear that you could lose significant access to your children in custody proceedings.

Can children testify in a child custody dispute?

When divorcing parents cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, they may be forced to have the court issue a custody decision. The court will apply the best interest of the child standard, informed by many factors. Broadly speaking, a court will want a child to receive a home environment that is financially stable, emotionally nurturing, and which poses minimal disruption to the care and environment that the child has become used to.

Creating a co-parenting plan for divorced couples

Divorce can be a stressful process even for couples who want to maintain a modicum of good will. In particular, the children of a marriage in the process of ending often struggle with natural feelings of anxiety about what their futures will entail. One idea to make the process smoother, to reassure the children that they are still loved, to make the process of child rearing predictable and to minimize conflict, is to create a co-parenting plan.

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