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Conversations about divorce during the holidays

You might have recently attended a family celebration during Thanksgiving, or you could be planning on seeing your loved ones during Christmas in a matter of weeks. During the holidays, various stressors can arise and you may have a number of topics to discuss with those in your family. However, this can be particularly true for those who are in the middle of separating from their spouse or have already divorced. For example, your relatives might ask you why your spouse is not present or question you about rumors they have heard.

How to emotionally prepare for divorce

Going through a divorce is hard, and being unprepared makes things even worse. Men and women in Michigan need to have their finances in order and have a plan for taking care of the children, but it is also helpful to be emotionally prepared as this will assist in making the process a little easier.

Filing for divorce with seasonal affective disorder

With darker, colder weather, some people experience depression or feel a loss of energy. For those who are splitting up with their spouse, or anticipating a divorce, seasonal affective disorder can make the end of marriage more challenging. If you suffer from this condition, however, you should not give up. It is essential for you to do what you can to work towards an outcome that will protect your interests and account for the best interests of your children, if you have kids. Not only is it possible to successfully work through the divorce process with SAD, but people who understand the challenges associated with SAD and do their best to prevent this disorder from interfering with their divorce may benefit from a more favorable end result.

Mediation for an amicable divorce

Couples in Michigan who are going through a divorce may want to consider mediation if they are respectful of each other. This process, while not for everyone, is a way for both parties to discuss what they want in front of a neutral party who can help them come up with a plan that is satisfactory to both.

Infidelity, emotions and the end of marriage

From custody disputes to financial concerns, divorce can be difficult for diverse reasons. However, some people have additional challenges when it comes to the end of marriage. For example, a married couple may be struggling with one party's infidelity, which can be tough both for each spouse. Not only does our law firm know how stressful the process of divorce can be, but we also realize that couples who are struggling with infidelity or other contentious issues may be experiencing depression, anger and other strong emotions.

What happens when parents fail to pay child support?

Whether you have child support obligations as a non-custodial parent or are counting on these payments to help raise your child, back child support can make life hard. When a non-custodial parent falls behind on child support for one reason or another, both parties may face hardships. For example, failing to pay child support in Michigan may result in the garnishment of wages or tax refunds, prison and financial penalties. However, these missed payments can also affect children and custodial parents.

Divorce and kids returning to school

There are a multitude of considerations you may have to go over with regard to divorce. For example, you and your marital partner may disagree about how property will be split up, or you could find yourself involved in a difficult custody dispute or stressed out because of a child support order. If you have children, divorce can present additional challenges. Our law firm knows that parents in Rochester and other parts of Michigan may have a hard time discussing divorce with their children. Moreover, there are certain times of year, such as during holidays and when kids are preparing to head back to school after summer break, when talking about divorce can be even more difficult.

Unique ways to reduce your stress during divorce

If you are working your way through the process of divorce, or have already ended your marriage, you may be facing many challenges, from a custody dispute to financial issues concerning the division of property or alimony. However, you may also be facing emotional hardships, such as depression, anger, or stress. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to reduce stress, which is especially important for those working through all different types of family law matters.

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