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Identifying the best time to file for divorce

When someone thinks about filing for a divorce, they may have various questions. For example, they could wonder how their kids will be affected and what the financial consequences of divorce may be. These are important considerations and can also factor into the best time for someone to split up with their spouse. If you are thinking about a divorce, it is pivotal to be mindful of how the time of year in which you approach the divorce process could impact your case.

Back child support and tax refund interception

Missing child support payments can lead to a host of consequences, such as an inability to obtain a passport, which we recently wrote about on this blog. However, the financial ramifications that may come with unpaid child support can be significant and parents may not only face steep fines, but they may have their tax refund intercepted also. Losing part of all of a tax refund can have a negative impact on your life in a variety of ways, completely derailing important plans you may have. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with Michigan law and try to ensure that you stay current.

Maintaining privacy during divorce

Those wishing to end their marriage may have a number of concerns on their mind. Some may be confused about certain aspects of the divorce process, or what their future may hold with respect to child custody, financial issues, etc. However, some people may be worried about privacy issues during their divorce and they may want to keep certain aspects of their divorce from the public. If you are worried about privacy, it is important to know which options you have and look for ways to maintain your privacy.

Eliminating the stigma surrounding divorce

Some people may think that divorce no longer has a stigma and that society has accepted a couple's decision to bring their marriage to an end. While this may be true in many circles, there are still times when a divorce is viewed harshly. For example, a couple may be judged for their decision to divorce by friends, relatives, people at work or even their children. Moreover, people may feel disgraced when their marriage does not work out, but these feelings should not be part of the picture.

How many Americans file for divorce per year?

Sometimes, people get married too soon, without spending enough time together to know that they are not compatible. Additionally, some people may fall out of love due to physical or emotional abuse, an affair or some other factor. For many couples who are going through this, divorce becomes necessary. If you are thinking about moving ahead with a divorce, it is important to know that there are many other people who are going through this as well.

Other life changes after a divorce

Sometimes, people have a tendency to focus on the potential downsides of divorce, such as anxiety over a custody dispute and concerns about the financial impact of splitting up with a spouse. However, there are many other ways in which peoples' lives may change for the better once they move on from an unhealthy marriage. For example, some people who may have been subjected to mistreatment on a regular basis may be able to live a healthier, happier life. Moreover, people may make positive changes with respect to their lifestyle.

Paying child support after an unexpected health crisis

Various changes in life can make paying child support difficult or even impossible. For example, being let go at work or discovering that all of your savings have been drained due to identity theft or some other issue can be very problematic if you are obligated to pay child support. Medical crises can also cause people to fall behind on their child support payments, especially if they arose out of the blue. Medical care can be overwhelmingly expensive and some people may not have the financial resources to handle a costly procedure or health emergency.

Fulfilling your obligations as a non-custodial parent

Ending a marriage can be challenging, but those who have children sometimes go through an even more complicated divorce. Moreover, the divorce process as well as various family law issues that arise after the divorce can differ from the perspective of a custodial parent versus a non-custodial parent. If you are a non-custodial parent, you may be dealing with different hurdles. Aside from negative emotions that may have arisen in the wake of a custody dispute and court ruling, you could be facing financial difficulties as well. It is crucial to make sure that your obligations as a non-custodial parent are fulfilled, however.

Unpaid child support and vacation plans

People fall behind on the child support payments they owe for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, parents who owe child support find themselves in this position because of irresponsible behavior, such as spending too much money at a casino or a shopping addiction. In other instances, parents fall behind on these payments because they are facing genuine financial hardships due to losing their job or some other factor that is out of their control. Regardless of why parents fall behind, the consequences can be staggering. Not only can back child support lead to arrest, heavy fines, a shattered reputation and tax refund interception, it can also throw off vacation plans.

Divorce after the birth of a child

For every couple going through a divorce, the circumstances surrounding their situation are different. Some people who end their marriage have a high net worth and significant assets, while others may be less concerned about property division, alimony, and other financial issues associated with divorce. Some people may be able to work together amicably, others may find themselves in bitter disputes over various family law matters. Some people end their marriage without any children, while others may have many kids or a child who was recently born.

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