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What disciplinary mistakes should I avoid after a divorce?

Disciplinary issues can be tough for Michigan parents in general. After a divorce, they're sure to become even more complex, especially when you and your ex can't see eye to eye on common child-rearing issues. In this case, the following tips from can help you parent your kids in a loving and effective manner.

The emotional impact of a dispute over custody

A child custody decision can have a major impact on the lives of both parents and their kids. During a dispute, tensions may arise and some people have to work through particularly challenging disagreements. It is important to do what you can to resolve the dispute amicably, but some custody disputes are going to be bitter regardless. Unfortunately, these disputes can have a strong emotional impact on those involved, so it is vital for you to do what you can to address these emotions if you are feeling depressed or angry.

What is the Birthday Rule?

After you have divorced and settled joint custody of your children, you may not even stop to think about whose benefits account for your children's medical, dental and vision benefits under Michigan law. When only one parent has custody it can be simple to determine coverage, but for minor children whose divorced parents have joint custody the matter can be more complicated. This is where the Birthday Rule comes in - but what is the Birthday Rule?

How to deal with summer vacations and child custody

Summer can be a magical time for children in Michigan, with time off to hang out at the lakes with friends or eat ice cream in the middle of the day. However, for children of divorce the season can be more stressful, especially if the parents are fighting over custody time. Ideally, summer break and other vacations should be decided on when making the original custody agreement, but there are some tips parents can follow if they did not plan for breaks.

What if my divorced co-parent is using too much parenting time?

After divorcing and settling a child custody agreement, while you may be the primary caregiver your former spouse may have been granted joint custodial visitation and parenting time by Michigan courts. As the custodial parent, you have the right to enforce parenting time agreements, but that does not mean the non-custodial parent will listen. What happens when your former parent begins breaking parenting time agreements, "hogging" your child and disrupting your co-parenting schedule?

What happens if I cannot afford my child support payments?

Parents who owe child support payments in Michigan may find it difficult to keep up with these payments if their income changes due to job loss or the obtainment of a lower-paying job. Even with a change in income, these parents are still required to make the court-ordered payments. There are steps that need to be taken in order for these amounts to change, and there are consequences for those who do not keep up with the ordered payments.

Dads are getting more of a fair shake regarding custody

In the past, divorced dads in Michigan would often get the short end of the stick when it came to spending time with their children. Typically the courts would judge in favor of the mom for primary custody and the father would get every other weekend or only a few days a month. In the past years, however, there has been a change in how custody decisions are made, and there are more cases of equal sharing.

The importance of the child's needs in custody cases

Parents in Michigan who are going through a divorce have a big responsibility in deciding the best arrangement for child custody. The decision becomes a lot easier if the parents put aside their differences and focus on what the child needs and what situation would best suit him or her. 

Can your child choose which parent gets custody?

The complexities of divorce in Michigan courts are nothing to be sneezed at, between working out division of assets, spousal support, child custody and many other factors. But those factors can be complicated further by custody disputes between you and your spouse. So what happens when your child adds another layer of complexity by weighing in on his or her preference? Can you child choose which parent he or she prefers to have custody?

Consequences of relocation in child custody cases

Being passed from one parent to another to satisfy child custody agreements can cause some stress for children of divorced parents in Michigan. When one parent relocates to a different state, there are additional psychological consequences that can result in long-term issues.  

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