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Divorcing from a workaholic

A marriage may be brought to an end for any number of reasons, some of which are completely unexpected (an affair, a domestic violence incident and so on). In other instances, a couple may have been able to see their marriage crumbling over a period of many years and divorce may not come as a surprise. For example, some people are unhappy in their marriage because their spouse is a workaholic and they do not want to live with their partner any longer. For some, counseling may be able to help a couple patch things together, while other marriages cannot be salvaged.

Attending a holiday party with your ex

During the holiday season, people face many stressors, including dealing with others who they would rather avoid. Some people have it especially tough during this time of year, such as people who run into their ex at a celebration (or even attend the celebration with someone even though they have already broken up). There are various other reasons why this can happen. For example, a married couple may work for the same employer and see each other at an office party during the holidays. If you are facing this situation during the holidays and expect to run into your spouse, it is important to be prepared.

When you are on the fence about divorce

People can have a tough time moving on from a marriage for many reasons. Whether they have decades of memories with someone with whom they have been in a relationship, or they have concerns about how this decision will affect kids, many people find themselves on the fence when it comes to divorce. If you are unsure whether this is the right move, you should carefully evaluate the ins and outs of this process and think about some of the different ways that it could affect your life.

When political differences lead to divorce

Across the country, voters recently took to the polls and voiced their opinions on a number of issues, from who they want to replace their current governor to whether or not marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes. People often feel strongly about political issues and voting is an integral part of this nation. However, these strong feelings may lead to fighting within families, including arguments between spouses. During election season, these differences may be even more pronounced, and they may even result in fights where one spouse crosses the line (such as physical abuse, for example).

Filing for divorce over your spouse's accusations

People end their marriages for all sorts of reasons, but some divorces are the result of one person growing tired of their spouse's constant accusations. Moreover, some people may end their marriage over a one-off incident, such as false allegations involving domestic violence and someone getting a restraining order. Moreover, these accusations could even have an impact on the outcome of a divorce case.

Property division and family pets

Ending a marriage can present all sorts of challenges, but some (such as custody disputes) can be especially emotional. Property distribution can also be incredibly emotional and for many pet owners, pets such as cats and dogs are not just property but part of the family. Emotions can run high when it comes down to deciding who will be able to keep a family pet after divorce, and an unsuccessful push for keeping a beloved pet can be incredibly overwhelming.

Identifying the best time to file for divorce

When someone thinks about filing for a divorce, they may have various questions. For example, they could wonder how their kids will be affected and what the financial consequences of divorce may be. These are important considerations and can also factor into the best time for someone to split up with their spouse. If you are thinking about a divorce, it is pivotal to be mindful of how the time of year in which you approach the divorce process could impact your case.

Back child support and tax refund interception

Missing child support payments can lead to a host of consequences, such as an inability to obtain a passport, which we recently wrote about on this blog. However, the financial ramifications that may come with unpaid child support can be significant and parents may not only face steep fines, but they may have their tax refund intercepted also. Losing part of all of a tax refund can have a negative impact on your life in a variety of ways, completely derailing important plans you may have. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with Michigan law and try to ensure that you stay current.

Maintaining privacy during divorce

Those wishing to end their marriage may have a number of concerns on their mind. Some may be confused about certain aspects of the divorce process, or what their future may hold with respect to child custody, financial issues, etc. However, some people may be worried about privacy issues during their divorce and they may want to keep certain aspects of their divorce from the public. If you are worried about privacy, it is important to know which options you have and look for ways to maintain your privacy.

Eliminating the stigma surrounding divorce

Some people may think that divorce no longer has a stigma and that society has accepted a couple's decision to bring their marriage to an end. While this may be true in many circles, there are still times when a divorce is viewed harshly. For example, a couple may be judged for their decision to divorce by friends, relatives, people at work or even their children. Moreover, people may feel disgraced when their marriage does not work out, but these feelings should not be part of the picture.

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